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verb (v)

  • hold back within (verb.stative)
    This soil retains water.
    I retain this drug for a long time.
    The dam retains the water.
    source: wordnet30
  • allow to remain in a place or position or maintain a property or feature (
    Synonym: continue, keep, keep on
    She retains a lawyer.
    She retained her composure.
    This garment retains its shape even after many washings.
    source: wordnet30
  • secure and keep for possible future use or application (verb.possession)
    The landlord retained the security deposit.
    source: wordnet30
  • keep in one's mind (verb.cognition)
    I cannot retain so much information.
    source: wordnet30
  • To continue to hold; to keep in possession; not to lose, part with, or dismiss; to retrain from departure, escape, or the like. (verb)
    source: webster1913
  • To belong; to pertain. (verb)
    source: webster1913

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