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verb (v)

  • direct or control; projects, businesses, etc. (
    Synonym: run
    source: wordnet30
  • perform as expected when applied (
    Synonym: function, go, run, work
    Antonym: malfunction, misfunction
    source: wordnet30
  • handle and cause to function (
    Synonym: control
    Do not operate machinery after imbibing alcohol.
    source: wordnet30
  • perform a movement in military or naval tactics in order to secure an advantage in attack or defense (verb.competition)
    source: wordnet30
  • happen (verb.change)
    source: wordnet30
  • keep engaged (
    Synonym: engage, lock, mesh
    Antonym: disengage, withdraw
    source: wordnet30
  • perform surgery on (verb.body)
    Synonym: operate on
    The doctors operated on the patient but failed to save his life.
    source: wordnet30
  • To perform a work or labor; to exert power or strengh, physical or mechanical; to act. (verb)
    source: webster1913
  • To produce, as an effect; to cause. (verb)
    source: webster1913

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