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noun (n)

  • a notation cancelling a previous sharp or flat (noun.communication)
    Synonym: natural
    source: wordnet30
  • An inclosure; a boundary; a limit. (noun)
    source: webster1913

verb (v)

  • postpone indefinitely or annul something that was scheduled (
    Synonym: call off, scratch, scrub
    Cancel the dinner party.
    source: wordnet30
  • make up for (verb.stative)
    Synonym: offset, set off
    source: wordnet30
  • declare null and void; make ineffective (
    Synonym: strike down
    Cancel the election results.
    source: wordnet30
  • remove or make invisible (
    Synonym: delete
    source: wordnet30
  • make invalid for use (verb.communication)
    Synonym: invalidate
    Cancel cheques or tickets.
    source: wordnet30
  • To inclose or surround, as with a railing, or with latticework. (verb)
    source: webster1913

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