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Definition of scotch

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adjective (a)

  • of or relating to or characteristic of Scotland or its people or culture or its English dialect or Gaelic language (adj.pert)
    Synonym: scots, scottish
    `Scotch' is in disfavor with Scottish people and is used primarily outside Scotland except in such frozen phrases as `Scotch broth' or `Scotch whiskey' or `Scotch plaid'.
    source: wordnet30
  • Of or pertaining to Scotland, its language, or its inhabitants; Scottish. (adjective)
    source: webster1913

noun (n)

  • a slight surface cut (especially a notch that is made to keep a tally) (noun.shape)
    Synonym: score
    source: wordnet30
  • whiskey distilled in Scotland; especially whiskey made from malted barley in a pot still (
    source: wordnet30
  • The dialect or dialects of English spoken by the people of Scotland. (noun)
    source: webster1913
  • A chock, wedge, prop, or other support, to prevent slipping; as, a scotch for a wheel or a log on inclined ground. (noun)
    source: webster1913
  • A slight cut or incision; a score. (noun)
    source: webster1913

adjective satellite (s)

verb (v)

  • hinder or prevent (the efforts, plans, or desires) of (
    source: wordnet30
  • make a small cut or score into (
    source: wordnet30
  • To shoulder up; to prop or block with a wedge, chock, etc., as a wheel, to prevent its rolling or slipping. (verb)
    source: webster1913
  • To cut superficially; to wound; to score. (verb)
    source: webster1913

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