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verb (v)

  • give a description of (verb.communication)
    Synonym: depict, draw
    source: wordnet30
  • to give an account or representation of in words (verb.communication)
    Synonym: account, report
    Discreet Italian police described it in a manner typically continental.
    source: wordnet30
  • make a mark or lines on a surface (
    Synonym: delineate, draw, line, trace
    source: wordnet30
  • identify as in botany or biology, for example (verb.cognition)
    source: wordnet30
  • To represent by drawing; to draw a plan of; to delineate; to trace or mark out; as, to describe a circle by the compasses; a torch waved about the head in such a way as to describe a circle. (verb)
    source: webster1913
  • To use the faculty of describing; to give a description; as, Milton describes with uncommon force and beauty. (verb)
    source: webster1913

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